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Paris current real estate market

According to sales recorded in Paris during the first semester of 2015, the notaires have noted that average prices have slightly risen from 7 980€ per square meter in April  to 7 980€ in July. However, Standard and Poors has predicted that there will be an overall decrease of 3% in France in 2015. Prices decreased by 2,8% , down to 7 930€, and -6,2% over 3 years.

Prices of apartments in upscale areas in Paris have remained stable. In the Left Bank arrondissements (5th,6th and 7th), sellers are faring better than in other areas. Cross between the weaker euro, stronger dollar, low interest rates in France and the increase of prices in London and New York, foreigners and expats are returning to the Parisian market. Standard and Poors has projected an increase of average prices of 1,6% in 2016, and 1,7% in 2017.

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